Education Redefined

Education Redefined

The mission of BASIS Independent Schools is to raise the standards of student learning to the highest international levels.

  • BASIS Independent recruits faculty who are fervent experts in their disciplines and asks them to do nothing but teach the students in their care.
  • BASIS Independent recruits managers who are passionate, empathetic, and who wish to serve.
  • BASIS Independent teachers always support their students. If a student is willing to work, their academic team will be by their side, shoulder-to-shoulder with them, all the way to wherever they want to go.

We are Education Redefined.


Education Redefined Rests on Three Pillars

A curriculum educating students to the highest international standards.

To ensure we educate students to the highest international standards, we teach a robust, accelerated, liberal arts and STEM-focused curriculum that requires at various points in a student's academic course of study, classes in logic, economics, fine arts, music, drama, engineering, and world history, to name just a few. Our students exceed international benchmarks via our approaches in the classroom and our focus on teaching science and a spiraling math curriculum, English, and foreign language, to the very highest level:

  • Similar to the best school systems in Europe and Asia, we break down the hard sciences to their essential elements in Middle School: chemistry, physics, and biology; allowing students to learn science effectively and reach deeper scientific understanding in the High School years and beyond.
  • A spiraling math curriculum not only introduces higher level content earlier in the student's academic experience, but ensures true mastery as concepts are regularly revisited as more complex material is taught.
  • We recognize that a thorough knowledge of grammar is necessary for good writing - perhaps the most vital of basic skills, no matter what one prefers to study, and a notion that builds critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • To navigate a global world, foreign language skills are of fundamental importance - starting in kindergarten, students are required to take Mandarin. In the Middle School years children can continue with their studies in Mandarin or pick another language to study.
Subject Expert Teachers who are knowledgeable and passionate, and believe that with the right support and encouragement, any child can excel.

At BASIS Independent, the classroom is sacrosanct and student-teacher interaction is the essential educational activity. The value we place on nurturing this relationship is evident in how we allocate our resources and the deep signs of respect we show towards our teachers and the learning process. Teachers open the minds of our students to their disciplines and also teach them how to learn. The true partnership and deep respect between adults and students in our academic community is unmistakable. Dialogue flows freely. Support – academic and otherwise – is always available. Students grow to learn that they always can find a champion in their teachers. We hold teachers accountable for ensuring they establish and nurture this connection with each student.

A joyful learning culture, where hard work is celebrated and intellectual pursuits result in extraordinary outcomes.

Our learning culture lights a fire in the mind, heart, and soul of every child, helping them create their own path of learning, so that they can succeed in college and make their way in the adult world. How do we do it? We believe there is no substitute for hard work - our program is accelerated but not exclusive. In a very tangible way, BASIS Independent changes children. They grow to love learning and the pursuit of deeper understanding. They find delight in mastering fields of complex knowledge. They develop a fascination for disciplined, critical inquiry. They learn to be independent and to formulate their own goals — some of which they accomplish, some which they do not. That is as it should be, as they embark on a vital phase of growth and growing intellect.

The culture developed by the interplay between our teachers, curriculum, and students who are curious and hard-working results in unparalleled outcomes: students are years ahead of U.S. and global peers in math, reading, and science, and BASIS.ed schools have been ranked consistently as among the best, both here in the U.S. and abroad. Our graduates are intellectually satisfied, truly love learning, and attend the world's most prestigious and respected higher learning institutions.