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    BASIS Independent Schools students Advanced Placement Exam Pass Rate for Class of 2023
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    BASIS Independent Schools Average SAT Score (out of 1600) for Class of 2023
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    BASIS Independent Schools students Acceptance Rate to U.S. News & World Report Top 50 Colleges & Universities
  • I think that everything this school has to offer is perfect for my kid. I think it’s a school for everybody.
    BASIS Independent Brooklyn Parent
  • We feel, at BASIS Independent McLean, the education component of life readiness is well achieved by two factors: The evidence-based, pragmatic approach to curriculum design and the wide range of subjects taught in-depth.
    Founding Family BASIS Independent McLean
  • The teachers are so communal with everybody and they're all so passionate about what they do; it just makes it so fun to learn.
    Grade 6, BASIS Independent Manhattan
  • Always teach to what you know every single student in that classroom is capable of; that's extremely challenging and rigorous for the students. The secret to students' success is trusting them with this amazing curriculum, trusting that they can handle it.
    Mr. Barnes
    Teacher, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley