98% of 2023 BASIS Independent Schools graduates received an AP® Scholar distinction! Additionally, 9% of the grade 9 and 12% of the grade 10 National AP® Scholars in the country are BASIS Independent students.

BASIS Independent students are 47.5% more likely to pass their AP® exams than the average test taker.

AP Focus Propels BASIS Independent School Graduates

With an unparalleled emphasis on Advanced Placement® courses, BASIS Independent Schools achieve extraordinary outcomes, leading to consistently higher acceptance rates and enhanced scholarship opportunities for our graduates. On average, our students successfully complete 12.4 AP® exams during their academic journey, demonstrating to college admissions representatives their readiness and capability to engage with collegiate-level content. Consequently, a number of our students even gain the advantage of enrolling as second semester sophomores in select colleges, owing to their exceptional AP® exam results.

Advanced Placement® is a trademark owned by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, BASIS Independent Schools.